Chief Seattle

Now there's a new concept i had not visualized before... Chief Seattle as having legacy from Viking contact. But yeah, it makes sense! There was undeniable (well the dogmatic will deny everything!! ha!) access across the top of Canadian landmass for Vikings to travel before the climate chilled.

This sounds like a Viking to me.

"Old Chief Seattle was the largest Indian I ever saw, and by far the noblest-looking. He stood 6 feet full in his moccasins, was broad-shouldered, deep-chested, and finely proportioned. His eyes were large, intelligent, expressive and friendly when in repose, and faithfully mirrored the varying moods of the great soul that looked through them. He was usually solemn, silent, and dignified, but on great occasions moved among assembled multitudes like a Titan among Lilliputians, and his lightest word was law." -- Dr. Henry A. Smith

--Anpetu Luta Win--
Pete, what are your own paths to conclusion that Chief Seattle was of Viking heritage? His pictures do not look European genetically. He spoke from his native language. The infamous poetry piece attributed to Seattle, which has been commercialized by book, poster, postcard and T-Shirt was written by a Euro-American Victorian author, not by CS. That said, it is not unlogical that the Scands had contact with the North West, infact there is hard evidence of iron tools and pot-parts that have been found and recorded as trade items. But how does that make Chief Seattle a Viking?


It's only logical that the early Vikes saw Vancouver on a regular basis. So it would also be logical that some of the ideas would rub off, too. Does your Viking attributes to Chief Seattle include genetics specifically or just adapted culture and ideology? The Mayas took the Olmec culture and flourished without coming from their genetic stock. Would you see the NW Natives as such recipients of Norse culture? or strongly linked via biology as well?

- I Indians do not want to have DNA testing done today. They do not want to know if they come from Viking stock.

Viking Mother

Ok... riddle me this... a question i've thot of over and over but never get a straight answer for... Too many men answer with chauvinistic bravado where other culturalists answer with a more melded reply... DID the women accompany the Viking sailors as support crew and colony propagation or not?

Lotsa romantic guys will say nah! women were 'bad luck' onna boat... replying from their own concepts of stereotyping. Wouldn't reason prevail that a Viking sailor can father all the loose oats he wants, but the woman bringing up the child is where the culture and language is set. Indian mom, Indian kid. End of contact influence.

There will be no Viking culture continuance in a New Land without a Viking Mother to teach the child Scandinavian tongue or religion, stories and reasoning. What do the actual history books say and are they warped as well as their isolationist stances?

-- My best guess is that half of all Viking sailors on long voyages were women.


These first three line are my guess at the content of the lost top of this stone.

Pete's Translation of the KRS make it into The Vinland Center Stone

This stone marks the center of this land

it is 30 degrees to either sea

west to our home you will find


we:up dogging trip:from:


live:twain:2:nude mountain ranges:


we:whale:and:fish:and:then:on the trip: