Rune stone found in Texas

"Ron Gossen" rgossen at wrote: I need your help with something you may find very interesting.

Several years ago in furthering my interest in Southwestern (U.S.) petroglyphs, I acquired a carved stone of unknown origin. As a trustee of a local history and natural science museum, I asked the staff archaeologist specializing in trans-Pecos cultures (west Texas) her opinion. She could not offer any advice, other than, perhaps, to contact someone specializing in "more northern" tribes. I didn't pursue it any further.

I recently came across a term new to my vocabulary, "epigraphs," and was reminded of the stone. Using a web search engine, I found several web sites using the term. Within seconds, I was confronted with a surprising similarity between Danish runes and the engraving on my stone. It appears to me that the symbols are similar-enough to pursue further study. Hence, I am asking your opinion of the attached.

The attached is my partial transcription of the symbols and a description of the stone. Please excuse my poor copying ability, but I believe the symbols are fairly close to the original in form and size. It's attached in both jpeg and tiff formats.

Do you have any opinion? I would appreciate your comments.

Thank you, in advance, for any assistance or direction that you can provide.


Ron Gossen San Antonio, Texas

Pete took this photo while he was in Texas.